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We can provide your organization with a powerful, smart and secure data center and enterprise networking solutions. At Huawei, security and privacy are top priorities and a seamless part of our operations, from product design to construction and delivery. During its 30+ years of existence, Huawei has never encountered any major security problem.

Developer of open and independent technology

We provide our customers with a full suite of server solutions, including enterprise networks, operator networks and terminals. All of our products are based on open standards, so our customers can use third-party equipment as part of our solutions.

Indeed, transparency is one of our core values. We are an active member in over 400 standardization organizations, industry alliances and open source communities. We are working on these together with other equipment manufacturers, thus driving the industry forward.

Huawei’s own product development assures long-term compatibility. An example is the development and manufacture of our own chip sets, which guarantee independence from third-party products. Because product development is proprietary and in the history of Huawei has never grown through acquisitions, there are no separate technology islands.

We develop our products from the beginning ourselves. That’s why our devices are compatible with both architecture and software across the chain – including backwards compatibility. Our way of doing things is an exception in an industry where companies typically develop new solutions through acquisitions. Our own development work also ensures that we have access to the latest technology before others. In the process, we can also ensure the durability of our devices, many of which are virtually maintenance-free and have been designed to operate in remote areas with minimal maintenance.

Data centers

The smart technologies and services of the future will require companies to expand, upgrade and rebuild their IT infrastructure to ensure seamless and uninterrupted operations. Further, a wide variety of artificial intelligence applications – such as machine learning – require more sophisticated computing capabilities, such as GPUs or reprogrammable logic circuits (FPGAs).

The increasing number of devices sets new requirements for reducing the energy consumption and emissions of service centers.

When it comes to performance, intelligence, reliability, speed and energy savings at reasonable prices, Huawei data center solutions are the best choice.

Enterprise networking solutions

The number of 5G users is estimated to reach 1.4 billion and the number of IoT devices to 100 billion by 2025. According to other estimates, nearly nine out of ten companies will at some point use some form of artificial intelligence. Unlocking new opportunities requires capacity, security and new intelligence from enterprise networks. All of this is provided by the Huawei Intent-Drive Network (IDN).

Our enterprise network solutions are based on technology that we have developed in house from concept to launch. Our products ensure high transmission capacity, reliability and the best security on the market.

Interested? Contact us for more information!

You can contact us to ask for more information about our data center and enterprise network solutions at our office in Finland. Leave a contact request and we’ll call you. You can also read more about our data center and enterprise network solutions on our English pages.